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New Contemporaries

A Wednesday morning trip to south London Gallery to visit the great selection of artists at the New Contemporaries with such a variety of great work a few of my favourites are listed below:

Paula Morison, I shall Live for 100 years 1985 - Performance documented through two websites 100 years a very cleaver idea of a countdown of our lives on the one side the date of birth and to 100 years a very interesting piece about time where the seconds count up of down depending on which computer screen you are looking at.

I also loved the video piece by Agil Abdulloayev, Rocking my Gucci. I found this funny and a great representation of our society and social obsession with Labels, fame and media today.

Some beautiful carefully placed and drawn pieces by Habib Hajallie on old music and book covers

It was great to see so many paintings by Rebecca Harper, Patrick H Jones, Janet Sainsbury, Antonia Showering and Maia Regis. I loved the thin fluid almost watercolour style of the oil paint on the paintings by Rebecca Harper and Antonia Showering.

painting by Rebecca Harper. The colour and composition with references to old masters and relevant topics as Brexit is one of my favourite paintings in this New Contemporaries Exhibition.

This Screen print by Yuko Obe was extremely beautiful and the attention to detail was incredible. Interconnectivity of Life, Creation, Water, Sun & Moon, Love. an inspiring work.

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