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Andrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini Exhibition

An Amazing Exhibition that was interesting to learn about how closely these two artists from the 15th Century influenced each other. I find the work of them both beautiful and a inspirational but to see the work side by side and learn the difference between Mantegna who came from a poorer background but did extremely well as an artist and married Bellini Sitster then grew and amazing working relationship where you can see the strong influences and similarities in subject and paintings between the two artists. The compositions and colours were classical and timeless in beauty and invention of the space within the canvas. The bodies were also extremely believable and realistic.

Giovanni Bellini 1435 -1516 The Dead Christ Supported by Four Angels about 1470

Andrea Mantegna 1431 -1506 The Dead Christ supported by two Angels, about 1485 to 1500

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