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This year has all gone so quickly and it was set up day for the final show. With little room I managed to put my painting with some prints above and below I felt these needed to be shown together as they worked well and it was an ongoing project I had been working on with the painting and the prints

I have enjoyed this year and spent much time in the print room recreating my version of Bottichelli Primavera and trying to bring it into the 21st Century with some modern bright colours looser style of paint and some materialist objects.

I decided on showing one piece from early on that I was pleased with and hoping to do more with for next year painting on perspex and I would like to continue working like this on a larger scale and having something in the foreground to make the painting become more 3D.

I also showed my painting of Kenwood and Hampstead day out drawing as I feel this was one of my most successful paintings this year and I am looking forward to doing some more large paintings next year.

I really enjoyed the show and it was great to see such an interesting and variety or good quality work for a first year BA and It was exciting to be part of it! Looking forward to Year 2!!!!

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