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Tate Modern Kara Walker Foris Americanus

Overwhelmed by this vast monstrous faux Victorian fountain about slavery and colonisation, Symbolising power. It reminded me of all the beautiful monumental fountains we see in London symbolising great powerful people In her version she has people drowning in the water and a woman on the top of the fountain with her clothes ripped of with her throat slit, and her breast showings squirting water onto the fountain below. The sharks swiming in the water at the bottom make referance to the Damien Hirsts work from the 90's. There is a smaler more delicate work which you see as you enter the turbine hall before you reach the larger grotesque fountain.

I found this interesting and enjoyed reading the references and the menaings behind it. Would I understand the full complex subject matter I am not sure I would have understood it all with out the text on the wall and researching further. However I did enjoy researching it and learning about the artist.

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