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St John's Church Bethnel Green Exhibition

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Exhibiting with the BA Fine Art class at St Johns Church in Bethenel Green was a very interesting and exciting experieance.

We all managed to find good positions and alternative ways of showing our work without any use of nails hammers, I was pleased to see my work relate well to the rest of the year within the exhibition. It was interesting to see the work exhibited together for the first time with such a good range of different media and medium used across the group. The video pieces worked extreemly well with the space as did the displayed worked just layed out on the authentic stone floor.

I had four pieces displayed throught the Church. Two Screen prints I displayed together in the basement on the white pannel board. These pieces are taken from a Sandro Bottechelli painting The Primavera and have experimented with colour and movment they have a religious and metephoric feel which I liked the idea of displaying these in the Luman Studio with its curbed celings which are eccohed and more obvious in the original painting.

The second print was displayed at the top of the St Johns Chapel in the bell tower and it placed itself well when curved within this hidden space. It became an almost sculptural piece on its own and stood unsupported and the cuve also I felt mirrored the curves and movement of the original painting Primavera. I also liked the grafitti writing and texture of the walls added another dimenson of the work within the space.

I also displayed a piece of a hand I had cast and painted and i was hoping to find a dark corner to hide it in where it could just creep out to give a more humorous but also referance to the body parts hiding in the basement behind the walls of the Luman studios in the basement.

I ended up placing the hand in this cupboard and i am not sure it worked as well as i would have liked. I think preparation and planning i could have found a better way to display this with a better finish with more time and prepartaion however i found the space very interesting to work with and helped to bring new ideas to my work.

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