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Sketching on Hampstead Heath & Atrium Exhibiton

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Beautiful fresh sunny but an extreemly cold wet morning on 31 January 2019. Out sketching with watercolour and a group of fellow artists all dressed warm and ready to explore the magic of the Heath. While walking through Hampstead Heath there were so many invigorating and inspiring memories of painting and drawing here many years before and the scenery was so fresh and bright.

A couple of sketches from the walk

my final painting from this day out I included the lake at Kenwood and used for the exhibition in the Atriium in the Grove building.

This was an interesting piece for me to display in the Atrium show for year1 BA fine art. As the painting is very different from my usual portrait paintings, it was very free from figures and I felt it was hard for me to keep them out.

I really enjoyed the freedom of this painting and being abale to use movent of the trees and the use of stong colour I enjoyed experimenting with.

As the Atrium in the Grove building is a large space and very bright this painting at 2meters by 1meter, I felt was a good choice to exhibit as with the vast space and the bright light from above in the Atrium and the strong use of colour within the painting I felt it went well with the surroundings.

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