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Sky Arts Live Portrait Artist Of The Week

I love to paint portraits and I am learning so much by watching these Portrait Artist winners draw or paint the celebrity sitters. Bernardine Evaristo, Rankin, and Robert Rinder are the people I have painted. I try to complete them within the time 10am to 2pm and between getting lunch for my family and requests for screen time I have completed three paintings so far.

Painting in Lockdown has been a highlight to my week. I havent had time to paint as much as I usualy like to. My family and homeschool is taking most my time, However I have really enjoyed taking part in the weekly Live Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the week. I missed the first week but if I can get time I will go back and add it to my collection of paintings so far. My time in lockdown has been memorable so far as looking forwawrd to my sunday mornings to paint. these are three examples so far.

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